Godís thoughts on sex.

 1 Corinthians 7:1-5


Verse 1 is talking about unmarried men and women. The word touch here is used in a sexual sense. In simpler terms donít play with temptation. You are not made of stone. If you are playing with matches you are going to get burned. 

Verses 3-5 are telling us to have respect for our partnerís sexual needs, considering their needs first rather than your own. Your sex life will be rewarding as you strive to please one another. God created us to be sexual beings so that we could enjoy one another. Withholding sex from one another is unscriptural in the marriage relationship, and may cause your partner to stumble in faith and commit adultery, or be plagued with lustful thoughts and attitudes. It is degrading to have to beg for communication of any kind including sexual communication, and this will tear down your marriage relationship. When your partner falls into temptation because of your unwillingness to communicate, God will hold you responsible. When your mate is too tired, etc., render due benevolence as you would in any other type of communication, and wait for a better time. 

There is nothing in the Bible that condemns a variety of techniques or expression in a marriage relationship, as long as both parties find it pleasurable. When there is difference of taste, both partners should pray and ask the Lord to change and adjust their desire. To do this, you must both be willing to work together and allow the Lord to change you. 

Our feelings towards one another can either enhance or detract from our sexual relationship. I asked a group of men and women, what do you do to enhance your sex life. Here are some of the answers that I received: 

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